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  1. I order from you guys all the time and usually have no issues. Always order online too. I order 2 meals with fries and specifically request cheese on the side for both orders. It shows this on the receipts, but I only got one cheese side. So you tell me that it didn’t come thru on your end,(even tho it is on the receipt) so you will not replace the side of cheese. Sounds more like a problem with your equipment or website than a case of user error. As a loyal and frequent customer, imI pretty disappointed that you wouldn’t bring me what I ordered and then insist it was my fault.

    • Mike we’re so sorry for any inconvenience was caused due to this miscommunication.
      We’ve credited you the amount of 2 cheese wiz sides so at least the next time you’ll have them for free (you weren’t charge for them on your order the last time).
      Please use the same phone number and mention your discount.
      Again we apologize for our sincere mistake!
      Thank you!

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